Artist Bio
Loree Ovens studied Fashion Technique and Design from 1988-89 at PEI's Holland College.
She continued her studies at Sheridan College, SOCAD, received an arts diploma in 1992,
majoring in fabrics. From 1994-95, Ovens had a two-year residency in the textile studio
at the Harbourfront Craft Studio. After a serious car accident in 1999, Ovens went back
to study illustration and printmaking, earning a BFA in 2008 from OCAD.

Ovens works in a variety of media, although better known for her printmaking she creates
works on paper that are reminiscent of old documents, aged textiles or barkcloth.
She specializes with intaglio techniques, especially that of copper etching, aquatint,
dry point and collagraph. Primarily working with Japanese Washi and often combining
the use of surface design techniques for textiles. Ovens’ fascination with line, pattern,
and architecture has gained the attention of several artists including Dorothy Caldwell,
Doug Guilford and Rudolf Bikkers.

“Architecture forms a sense of language that is deeply embedded
into our experience of place and collective memory.
Spaces, both real and imagined, create memory maps
that link the experiences of our lives together.” – Loree Ovens

Ovens is a volunteer Artist Board Member and a former Print Sales Committee chair at Open Studio.


All images and writing are copyright © of Loree Ovens